Does Organized Crime Really Does Own The U.S. Government??

I first knew that organized crime was running government in 2008, just by looking at the congressional vote on the bill. Why? Congress passed the bill with close to 100 percent in favor. It was a controversial bill. The population was close to 100 percent against. TARP was passed over the loud objections of voters. This kind of bill could never be passed without some coercive force making sure that it did.

Since that time I have written numerous articles making the case that the mob runs government. These articles are posted below.

Since then, I have written many articles making the case that organized crime runs the U. S.  What is important is that at no time did I have any information other than that which everyone had. When life is lived in the light of reality, no matter how daunting reality is, the truth becomes amazingly apparent. None of this takes any brains. Mostly it comes down to accepting what you see. If something is bad enough, folks won’t let themselves believe it even when it is obviously true.

Finally a video popped up making a much more sophisticated case that the country is indeed run by criminals outside of the formal institution of government. The presenter found facts. I didn’t need any because my work is rooted in natural law. The video is posted below. It is a YouTube video, so be sure and watch it before it gets taken down,

Organized Crime Owns Your Government 

The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein Affair

The Deep State Exposed 


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Today’s Most Lethal Fantasies.

These are some of the most lethal fantasies, given the situation the United State is in today.

The President and members of congress run for office because they are committed to serving humanity.

Self interest is the only reason anyone runs for office. In large aggregations of people, self interest is the only incentive. It takes highly unlikely human attributes to win an election. The competition to win is ruthless. Only the most ruthless can prevail. World leaders, including the United States president must be sociopaths. Otherwise they have no chance of winning. Continue reading

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1/27/23 Stock Market Observation

You may have noticed that my focus is always on the overall scheme of things. People and institutions are studied according to how they function and not how they are defined. Numbers are fine and have their place. I look at the forces in nature that make the numbers what they are. Everything is observed in the light of reality as opposed to looking through the prism of fantasy. With that said, there is something I notice in the current time frame that may prove to be significant. Continue reading

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Taxation With The Illusion Of Representation

There are two ways to look at people and institutions. The first way is to go by the official definition of an entity. The fantasy free advantage instead goes by the way people and institutions function. In the United States according by definition, we have taxation with representation. The way taxation works in real life is that there is no representation. We do in fact have a system of taxation without representation.

The following is all that is written about taxation in the United States Constitution.

The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

A lot of mileage is gotten out of the phrase “general welfare.” In real life, that means there is no upper limit on taxation or spending. Just about anything can be deemed as being for the general welfare. All of the sinister actions taken with the corona virus  certainly fall into the category of “for the general welfare.” Continue reading

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How To Fix Everything

The United States exist under the Guidance of the United States Constitution, ostensibly. Do you remember the Tea Party movement? Back in the day, I attended a number of Tea Party meetings but never joined. At any meeting you could just about count on at least one well thought out rant about the constitution. You would hear a similar rants about imposing term limitations. With that, how close is the country to abiding by the constitution now? What progress has been made in imposing term limitations?

The problem with enforcing the constitution is that there is honestly no way to do it. Continue reading

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The Greatest Fear These Days

The greatest fear present in the world today is on the parts of the elite who control government and all who are elected to office. Their fear is that the masses will discover they don’t need them.  Hence,  massive coordinated censorship.

There are 443 federal government agencies. Can anyone name them? Continue reading

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School Spirit

School Spirit PDF Version

What kind of kid are you? Show some school spirit. Take some pride in your school. Every child needs a high school education. Identify with your school, Make it forever part of you. We will all work in groups. Cooperate with one another to get the best outcome. Be loyal to your school. Support your home team and go team go.

This is the mentality that pervades public education. Is there any similarity to the public school mentality, in how folks relate to government? Continue reading

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Yikes Moment Another Look

In spring of 2020 I published the following article.
Anticipating The Yikes Moment

I recommend reading it right now. I don’t know what stunts are available to stop the market from tanking right now. In the absence of a new heroic approach to move stocks higher, a crash in the near future is highly likely. Continue reading

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Pendulum Is About To Swing

Pendulum Is About To Swing PDF Version

One aspect of using the Fantasy Free Advantage is to think in moving pictures, not still pictures.  It is easy enough to look at society and today’s unusual ongoings and think the mentality of the public will never change. What will happen is this. The the pendulum with respect to trust of government has swung far to the right, with that being total trust, and it is starting to swing back to the left, where trust of government will be negative for awhile. The fact is that, not just the poor and disenfranchised but others are beginning to suffer. Continue reading

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The Whole World Is Drunk

A casual look at at the title, might give the impression that I am throwing up my hands in the air and implying that  all is beyond comprehension. That is not true at all. Continue reading

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