The Emergence Of Elon Musk

An advantage of gaining the fantasy free advantage is that you see elephants in the room that others never notice. The conventional collective wisdom is that his buying Twitter and setting it free, is ideologically driven. Musk now goes on conservatives’ good guy list because he has become a dedicated servant of humanity.That excites conservatives, especially Republicans. “Wow, now we have a good guy on our side”…. they reason. Republicans will deem anyone who runs against a confirmed leftest to be a conservative and pay no mind to whether they really are or not. For example, Trump is about as far from being a conservative as you can get. He says “Make America great again” and that is good enough. Continue reading

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History’s Most Destructive Laws

When congress passes laws, freedom is lost. Is this a problem? Perhaps not so much when citizens have representation in congress. Do they really? Freedom is always lost when a law takes decisions out of the hands of the public, and commissions government to make decisions for them. When a law increases government spending, income is lost also.

The link below lists all federal laws passed from 2021 though 2022. Continue reading

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Tension We The People And Government

Leave high school or college and democracy seems like a feel good form of government. Honest folks go to Washington. Everyone cooperates. Problems are solved with group effort, just like they are in school. Honest representatives are doing their best for the country. They disagree but all want the best for the country. American troops fight for freedom. Billionaires are just like the rest of us. They have just made it big. All we have to do is get all of the other countries to be like us and this will be a wonderful world. Citizens perform their role by voting and that keeps our leaders productively focused. Sounds great.

Regular readers know that one way I find root causes is to look at a current situation and ask. Would what we assume are ingredients that give rise to a situation, create the condition we are experiencing today? Continue reading

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Deeming The Masses As Mullets

Deeming The Masses As Mullets  PDF Version

Agenda – driven censorship is ongoing.Certainly censorship serves the interests of the group which controls government. True enough, if those in power didn’t protect the hapless citizens, who would?

After all, how in the world could such clueless buffoons as American voters recognize good, bad, true and untrue…. unless they were guided by the folks with far more snap? Would it not constitute cruelty to allow these dimwits to gather information and decipher it themselves? Certainly, they would not be safe without being managed from the top. Who could be bothered by such a system? Continue reading

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Getting A Handle On Inflation

The Federal Reserve is deemed capable of controlling inflation with monetary policy. If the Fed is so good at these things, why are we experiencing inflation today? If the Fed can roll back inflation, does if not stand to reason that they can prevent it from occurring in the first place? When in the past has the Fed rolled back inflation? The only situation ever mentioned is during the early 89s , Chairman Paul Volker raised interest rates to astronomical levels. Taken at face value, it appears that what Volker did, did the trick. Were there other contributing factors? Yes, there were…. and those contributed more than anything Volker did. Continue reading

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Quarantined To The Echo Chamber Graveyard

I think sites like Odysee, ZeroHedge and others are as much as owned by Google.The logic behind this is like that of attracting all of the germs in a body to one area so that they are all in one place. That way, they won’t spread to the rest of the body. When it comes time to kill them, they will all be in one place.

There are countless videos on Odysee that have genuine informative content. People who are already convinced believe the truth is coming out and soon all will understand. This is great for big tech. All they have to do to get their way is to let the already convinced further convince one another. If these sites were to disappear, folks would have no choice but to take some kind of demonstrative action themselves. I don’t think any of them could survive without help from big tech. If they were a danger to the elite agenda, they would be taken out. Continue reading

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Rise And Fall Of The Internet

Rise And Fall Of The Internet PDF Version
Think in still pictures and the internet seems same as usual. Think in moving pictures and a lot has happened in just six months. The early internet through the days of America On Line, was an unprecedented phenomenon. Never in history had an institution developed and become useful – based on cooperation by total strangers. Cooperation does occur privately but only among a few with common interests. Cooperation under a leader’s agenda is a guaranteed disaster.

Oddly, I was quite computer savvy during the 80s and 90s. I ran a business using Commodore 64 computers.  I wrote my own programs in basic. Commodore had by far the best operating system of all. Bill Gates, started Microsoft and ran Commodore out of business. That was the beginning of Big Tech and the end of good natured cooperation among the world’s intellectuals and academics.

To give an idea of how much cooperation there was, I was working on a study of natural cycles on stock prices. I put a post up on a math newsgroup asking for a formula for finding a non – linear correlation. In five minutes, I got my answer from the head of the math department of a major university. Higher education was different then as  well.

Here is a question to entertain: How big would Facebook have become if having a page had cost $1.00 per year? Ask similar questions about the others. Continue reading

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More On Big Tech

More On Big Tech PDF Version
I am on record as predicting a tech train wreck. The Coming Tech Train Wreck. With respect to that…. so far – so good. I am also predicting a depression without a recovery and a bear market that lasts at least two years. Permanent Depression. The combination of a devastating depression and the crumbling of tech – the most dynamic sector of the bull market, will guarantee unfathomable losses in all other sectors.

When I make these kinds of predictions, certainly it appears that I am simply grabbing some attention – getting notion out of the air, and claiming it is going to happen without presenting any numerical evidence. I can do that because I view the world without the handicap of looking through the prism of fantasy. I start with natural law by checking first the most basic influences. Continue reading

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