What Will United States Citizens Do?

As trying times intensify in the United States, surely some folks are beginning to contemplate just how United States citizens will react and what they will do ,politically and personally – when the economy collapses.

I was talking to a close relative recently and his position was that when Americans get their backs completely up against the wall that they will fight back like lions. Americans have an image of themselves as freedom – loving sentient beings with extraordinary character.  If Americans are accurate in how they define themselves, certainly the country would be acting differently than they are. Continue reading

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Ultimate Tax Code

How do we get at the heart of an issue? We can commission an expert to explain what the situation is and suggest a solution. How does that work out? No expert can make a profit by offering a simple solution to a complex issue.

A better method is to break an issue down to its most basic ingredients and find a root cause that makes an expensive sophisticated analysis unnecessary. That is where the fantasy free school of economics comes in. 

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