Americans Yearn for a King

Ask any American, what kind of government do you want? Not one will say monarchy. Yet, perhaps only one in one thousand thinks independent thoughts. In terms of actual actions, there is no effort at self government. Outwardly Americans profess a love of freedom. Inwardly, Americans are yearning for a central authority to guide their lives and make decisions for them.
This is the Achilles heel of common people and it has been throughout history. Once freedom is gained the insecure majority inadvertently and incrementally enslave themselves until liberty disappears. Given, government’s poor record of solving problems, people have to be hardwired to serve a monarchy, in order to continue assigning tasks to government and giving up freedoms in the process. The struggle to fund inept government agencies has to come from an incontrollable need to put a halo on a central authority. There is no track record in government that can justify people’s enormous confidence in its missing ability to solve problems,

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Historical Statistics

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