Anti Moore Republicans

Government is not a truth seeking institution. Government is not a place where issues are decided on the basis of fairness.  Lawmakers primarily serve themselves and only pacify constituents.  Government is the place where folks with the most money and power go to impose their will on the public. Americans are at a great disadvantage because almost 100% believe representatives are working on their behalf.

Politics is the world’s most competitive activity. It is so competitive only citizens with highly unlikely personality characteristic  are able to win elections.  Of course ordinary citizens belief the leaders they support are “just like us.”

Senators and congressmen on both sides of the isle have ongoing agendas delivering results to powerful people who literally pay them for results. A candidate like Roy Moore will hinder their efforts. I know little about Roy Moore. Lawmakers in office know him far more better than I do. He is obviously someone who will make the job of delivering the results lobbyists require of his peers more difficult. That is why members of his own party are trying to get rid of him.

Make no mistake. Roy Moore is a sociopath just as are his detractors. Any person high up in government has likely done as many anti social things as Moore has done. Who knows what Roy Moore is guilty or not guilty of? That doesn’t matter. The people trying to get rid of him don’t care about morals. Anything that he did many years ago has been dug up for the express purpose of keeping him out of the Senate. Morality is a concept that is understood in Washington but it is not used. Someone else’s immorality is only used as a means to an end. Morality is not used as a normal part of the governing process.


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