Any Good Presidents?

Cute is all they do. Cute is all they know. The constitution has been routinely disregarded since the day it was written,



Common Sense Economics constantly explains that there is no such thing as a good president. Sadly, few Americans would know the difference anyway. The Universe is harsh and completely brutal. Every species survives by dominating and consuming something weaker. Within each species, the members dominate one another so as to to make the process of survival easier. Where constituents are concerned, a president’s question is, how can I best make use of all of these folks in my efforts to gain more power and get what I want? Senators and Congressmen reason the same way.

All humans have the ability to reason but where group behavior is concerned decisions are made instinctively. The most brilliant minds, when voting make choices instinctively. The very minds that are in charge of overseeing elected leaders worship them instead. Republicans worshipped George Bush and Ronald Reagan. To their base, these men were messiahs. Democrats worship Barack Obama just as they did Franklin Roosevelt. People do think but instinctively vote for incumbents and trust government. Conservatives are no different in this regard.

Within the rank and file there are actually no conservatives. Both Democrats and Republicans are liberals. This is because the activities of both cause government to grow and and freedoms to be lost. Little needs to be said about Democrats because they make no pretence of wanting small government. The Republican base blinds itself to the multitude Republican initiatives that result in bigger more oppressive government.

Across the country there are many venues where conservatives gather trade cute quips and sound bites about the president and other liberals. These are the conservative echo chambers. Here folks are very impressed with themselves and others like them. They act as if others are going to adopts there opinions and all of the country’s problems will be solved. This is all they will ever do. How Silly? Well, they feel good about themselves and they all like one another.

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