Bee Hive Type Dynamics

120619_EXP_HONEYBEES.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeAll bees are not born the same. There are queens, workers and drones. Each has a role to play in the bee species survival. Are human beings born with a predisposition to perform certain roles also?

Is it possible that only certain individuals are born with what it takes to become a president, king, prime minister or chief? One thing is certain. The mental image human beings have of themselves would not generate the results we see in public life.

People profess to be independent thinkers but they return incumbents to office almost automatically. Elected officials all turn out to have certain personality characteristics. Most politicians have most characteristics of a sociopath. Perhaps certain folks are born with the capacity to lead and this requires them to have a sense of entitlement and little in the way of a conscience. For most of evolutionary existence leaders had to ruthlessly kill off opposition and send multitudes of common folks off to die in wars. These characteristics would not disappear in the roughly three hundred years of experiments with democracy. Lets just say only a small number are ruthless enough to get elected to a political office.

Perhaps once a leader is in power everyone else experiences something similar to the Stockholm Syndrome. We wonder why citizens are so unwilling to put leaders out of office even when their performance is miserable. It may be that we are programmed by nature not to. Chances are that it does in deed work this way.

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