Bull Market Over?

bull_06_by_wolverine041269-d65c31cIs the bull market over? To answer that question we first have to acknowledge why the market has been so strong to begin with.

You will only read this hear. Earned money is all that can ever be truly invested. Unearned money is created for the purpose of manipulating the behavior of those who work and earn.

The bull market has been created and managed with unearned money that has been created for exactly that purpose.  The stock market can be up in response to strong economic activity or the stock market can be artificially elevated with that hopes the overall economy will follow. The stock market is up but the economy has not responded. Who really thought that it would? Instead mountains of income has been transferred from the bottom to the top. As the process continues the economy has been destroyed.

The stock market can collapse when the rank and file wake up to what has happened. I see that process occurring but only in small ways. A wake up can occur very rapidly once it starts.

Or, the central planning initiatives will cause so much damage in the overall economy that even non gap earnings won’t be able to hide the carnage. I see that happening also. Look at oil. There is no way to make the oil situation look positive.

We are close. Every effort is being made to keep the market moving higher. Never underestimate these efforts.  Are corporations backing off of buy backs? Not so much. They will when buybacks stop providing pay days for corporate officers.

Citizens can possibly discover the relationship between central bank initiatives and the misery they are experiencing in trying to make a living. So far I don’t see any evidence people are smartening up.

These are some things to watch.


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