World Domination And The Stock Market

World Domination And The Stock Market    PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored.

Throughout history, when power has become concentrated, the strongest people have always made attempts to take over the world and run it the way they see fit. There has never been an announcement such as “”Hi , I am leader X. Now I am going to take over the world and make you and everyone else a servant to me. Is everybody ready? On your mark – get set – go! Here I come . Resist me if you wish. There was Rome, the Ottoman Empire, Spain, Britain…. Germany – and now some say the United States. Does anyone doubt that there are ongoing aspirations to take over the world and make use of all of its citizens? Continue reading

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Elitists Are Born

Elitists Are Born  PDF Version

Elitists are born not made. An elitist is hardwired to manage the lives and behavior of aggregations of people with strong herd instincts. It is a co-dependent relationship between the elitist and the people whose lives are managed. Rank and file people instinctively relate to government as if it were a parent. Elitists and the rank and file are drawn together like opposite ends of a magnet. Continue reading

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What Is Most Relevant In These Trying Times

Are Americans crazy? I say no. What we can see is mal-adaptive behavior. As
previously mentioned the evolution of free markets and democratic systems, in terms of economics is of greater influence than the invention of the wheel. What we are seeing worldwide are populations consumed and absorbed in instinctive behavior. The emergence of free markets and democratic principles changes the way mankind reasons intellectually. It does not change the adherence to instinctive behavior.

So, what human thoughts and behaviors with respect politics and economics are caused by instinctive behavior and are not sourced in reasoning? Virtually all of them.

1.) It is deemed patriotic to enthusiastically, support whatever national initiative leaders comes up with. It is deemed unpatriotic to do otherwise. This is exactly what a totalitarian system calls for. Following the leader like children amounts to volunteering for slavery. In mankind’s DNA, this is the path to follow. Thoughts change faster than the ability of DNA to adapt.

2.) A central authority is what determines what is truth and all who disagree are rejecting what is good. What modern censorship does is squelch independent thought with dialog deemed to be the only truth as it is spoken by those deemed to know, even though they don’t.

3.) All of citizens basic and most important decisions are made by whatever central authority they have at their disposal. Is that really mankind’s preference? It is not intellectually, but it is not the thinking brain which makes political decisions. It is the animal brain. Folks vote for this system over and over again.

These are only three of the mal-adaptive behaviors that are destroying the country. Any complete list would be longer than my arm. So what we have is a huge gap between what the thinking brain can figure out and what the instinctive animal brain directs us all to do. Must we be herd animals? No we don’t have to be.

The thinking brain can override the animal brain. If there is no thinking or thought is discouraged, the animal brain gets its way all of the time. Americans are not thinking and those within the power structure are happy to have it that way. I will say that suffering activates the thinking brain. The American mind set is such that what is right is deemed wrong and what is wrong is deemed right. The system is going to collapse because the American mindset is such that forward progress is not now possible.

Is there anything an individual can do? Personally, I can’t think of a thing. But we all must realize that we are in an every man for himself situation. It does make sense to assume this posture as early as possible.

Folks are wondering about why the stock market is still doing so well. The stock market is strong because it is not allowed to do otherwise. This will change. When it does, understand that there will be monumental heroic efforts to save it. This may include something like nationalizing parts of the tech industry so that all of the insiders lose little or no value.

Basically, our government actually actually is the group that governs our government and through our government governs us all. So are we dealing with a worldwide crime syndicate?

Well, the New York mob never placed formal notifications that they were in existence and that crime was their business model. Just a few of the world’s richest citizens have more power and influence than all of the world’s governments put together. So, do we need to wait until the elite
make a formal announcement, that they are they are functioning as a crime syndicate and plan on continuing? Or, do we go with what we see that is completely obvious to anyone with the courage to look?

So, that is it in a nutshell. Expect the worst and you won’t be disappointed.

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Instinctively Predisposed Decisions

Through tradition we are conditioned to accept certain erroneous ideas as facts.

Example from the Declaration of independence: People’s are “Endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights,” In the first system our creator gave the world, ordinary people had no rights at all. Kings and some other leaders were assumed to possess divine rights but that was it. Individual rights are a concept that was evolved into. For many thousands of years, common people served a master like a king or chief.

At the time of the American Revolution, the colonists were in a unique set of circumstances. In Europe intellectuals had been entertaining the idea of individual rights for a number of years. The colonists were separated from England by a great distance, adventurous by nature and detached to a certain degree from the king’s authority. A confluence of unlikely events and circumstances gave them the mentality to try a new form of government based on individual rights.

As great as individual right are, people are still instinctively predisposed to live under and serve a master. Further, they are instinctively predisposed to look to a master to provide security and solve problems collectively. Over years, people have empowered government not because of some kind of intellectual wisdom but because of instinctive impulses they cannot resist.

When commentators go on television and talk about government creating jobs and making the economy better, this is not an exercise in intellect. It is instinctive to assume government can do these things. Any serious investigation of the facts shows that collective actions such as these work against the best interests of society and individuals. Instinctive actions are so natural, that people do not realize they are not thinking.

The discipline of economics assumes that individuals make decisions by free will. On occasion they do when acting as individuals in the market place. When participating in collective decision making people act mostly out instinct and usually without thinking at all. The phenomenon of individuals having economic freedom is an evolutionary advancement. Unfortunately individuals are instinctively driven to give government roles that are destructive to their interests.

A certain segment of the population sees the wisdom of having and maintaining a free market economic system. The free market characteristics of our economic system are solely responsible for our high standard of living. The fact that the market system is still operating is a miracle given that people are driven by instinct to destroy it and return to the old system where everyone serves the government.

Mainstream economists assume that decisions are made through intellect when in fact a great number are instinctively driven. When an economic model fails or a forecast is inaccurate, chances are one or more basic assumptions are erroneous.

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