Deep State Stock Market Logic

Even a modest bear market will go a long time towards destroying the deep state. Deep State operatives are buying outright to control the trend of the market.  What is their alternative?

The choice is to invest more outright or have ones wealth completely devastated by natural market forces. The Deep State has absolutely nothing to loose by using their own resources to support the value they already have. The only alternative is to absorb a guaranteed loss and run the risk of ceasing to exist.

With corporations buying back stock and Deep State operators adding to and holding positions, stock is so closely held that that they have pretty much cornered the equities market. The law of large numbers is now on their side. It will take an actual catastrophe to put the market into a bear market mode. Predicting the timing of an economic catastrophe for me is not doable. Predicting an eventual catastrophe is a piece of cake. That is like predicting an engine will be destroyed by throwing a pinch of salt in the gas tank every day. It is easy to figure the engine will be destroyed but picking an exact date is not that easy.

Suppose all of the retailers in the country all at once decided to borrow a gob of money, buy their own merchandise and call that profit. The economic recovery we have experienced is built on logic that is a little worse than that but based on similar flawed understandings. What the economic recovery has done is create enormous amounts of wealth at the top of the food chain while making the entire economy vulnerable to total destruction. Expanded profit margins generated by stimulus work as a taxes on the bottom two third of the food chain.

In summary, a bull market has been created artificially. All Deep State resources as well as most government resources are focused on saving the stock market. The economy is beginning to buckle. That has always been just a matter of time. The Deep State still owns and controls the media. The Deep State owns the FBI and the CIA. They own enough lawmakers that the non-owned are irrelevant. Members of the public are turning somewhat suspicious concerning what they are currently seeing and hearing. However, the prevailing attitude for average folks is still to wait and trust. Do not forget that the Deep State is a crime syndicate and not an ideology. Their interest is in profiting off of the weak intellect of others.  The whole country can slide off into the ocean and Deep State operators will be good with it as long as they come out ahead.

Americans are so impressed with themselves that they cannot fathom that powerful people would treat them like cannon fodder. But, that is the way it is.


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