Dilemma of the High Pressure Car Salesman

Ask 1000 people if they would buy a car from a high pressure car salesman. Almost all will say no. But, the high pressure car salesmen are the highest paid on the lot. In politics and economics it works the same way. People talk one way but behave another.
There are reasons why conservative Politicians seldom win and those with reputations as conservatives flip and vote as liberals at critical junctures.
Intellect can determine what words come out of the mouth but people act according to instinct and genetics. A small percent of the population are born elitists. These kinds feel incomplete if they are not directing the lives of other peoples. They feel incomplete if they are not doing so. Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York, is a poster child for the elitist profile.
The rest of the population hard wired to relate to government as if it were a parent. There is an assumed adeptness in government that is based on no facts whatsoever. Government is treated as having answers and remedies even when there are mountains of evidence showing the opposite.
Even people, who are constantly calling for small, less intrusive government, opt for more government when faced with making a real choice.
Why does government spending grow without bounds? Citizens are helplessly unable to control instinctive impulses that cause an irrational dependence on government. If government spending was evaluated rationally, citizens would discover that most government spending provides no utility to taxpayers at all.
Historical Statistics

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