Do Nothing Conservatives

The conservative mindset is that once enough people believe in the thoughts and ideas they discuss, a magic benevolent being will wave a wand and all will be fixed. Destructive laws will repeal themselves. Liberals will see the error in their ways and the country will “be great again.” Wow, just imagine, free markets and a military that fights for freedom again. All of this will come about without a soul lifting a finger. No wonder so many people are conservatives.

All who work day and night using government as a tool for extracting wealth and income out of others have nothing to worry about. In time perhaps everyone’s opinions will change. Life in the deep state will go on as usual with the absolute certainty that nothing is going to stop them. While conservatives are arguing constantly and showing their colorful feathers, no action will be taken. No government agencies will be closed. No laws will be repealed. Conservatives will still be chanting term limits, term limits, term limits…..throw the bums off welfare…….drug test those mooches…… and so on. The deep state animals continue smiling while picking everyone’s pockets.

Liberals win by default. Conservatives insist that everything must be  done through the formal political process of expecting representation out of elected lawmakers. Representation is transferable so they don’t actually have any. But, that is the way it should be so that is the way it has to be.

So, why do conservatives not do conservative things? On a personal level they have no incentive to. Free markets are great. The best thing for an individual is for everything and everyone else in the economy to be governed by free market discipline. The individual is better off finding a way to exempt himself. Conservatives gain so much from the laws on the books and the various agencies, it would be economic suicided to make any change at all.

Lets suppose the United States adopted a free market system. Who would benefit. In the end, the only ones hurt would be those who give up using government for personal gain. In the early days, the biggest benefit would go to the poor and middle class. The average conservative who votes would be hurting himself financially for an an indeterminate period of time due to lost government benefits. The lack of demonstrative action on the part of conservatives is at least partly due to the fact that most would lose out in the short run.
This is a timely Curbside Jimmy tune. The scene shifts from a regular swamp to the big swamp in Washington D.C

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