Do You Believe Government Can Create Jobs?

Before Obama’s speech you should ask yourself, do I believe the government can create jobs? I know for certain that government cannot create jobs. If you think otherwise, don’t feel bad. It is normal to believe government has almost supernatural powers. In the darkest days of servitude, kings and queens were believed to have divine qualities. Belief in the magical power of government is biologically based.
Do you have choices? Of course, but the path of least resistance is to follow the ancient instinctive pull that assumes government has the answer. Government can no more create jobs than scientists can turn base metals into gold.

For the purpose of getting your vote, it is important that you believe government can create jobs as well as do a host of other impossible things. So, until Election Day 2012 you are going to hear promises to create jobs and comparisons as to who created the most jobs, schemes to stimulate the economy and so on. The country is in the early stages of a devastating depression, which will be far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
There will be no end in site until people start slapping themselves and saying hey they can’t do these things. Why am I listening to this? But, as long as you are listening, you are going to keep hearing it and getting more of it. The more the government does the more damage will accumulate and the longer it will be before a recovery begins.

One more thing, the Federal Reserve is considering issuing a fifty year bond. Why not make it a million year bond. If the money is never going to be repaid, what difference does it make?

Does Curbside Jimmy get a grant from the government to ride the rails?

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