Does Organized Crime Really Does Own The U.S. Government??

I first knew that organized crime was running government in 2008, just by looking at the congressional vote on the bill. Why? Congress passed the bill with close to 100 percent in favor. It was a controversial bill. The population was close to 100 percent against. TARP was passed over the loud objections of voters. This kind of bill could never be passed without some coercive force making sure that it did.

Since that time I have written numerous articles making the case that the mob runs government. These articles are posted below.

Since then, I have written many articles making the case that organized crime runs the U. S.  What is important is that at no time did I have any information other than that which everyone had. When life is lived in the light of reality, no matter how daunting reality is, the truth becomes amazingly apparent. None of this takes any brains. Mostly it comes down to accepting what you see. If something is bad enough, folks won’t let themselves believe it even when it is obviously true.

Finally a video popped up making a much more sophisticated case that the country is indeed run by criminals outside of the formal institution of government. The presenter found facts. I didn’t need any because my work is rooted in natural law. The video is posted below. It is a YouTube video, so be sure and watch it before it gets taken down,

Organized Crime Owns Your Government 

The Importance Of Covering Up The Epstein Affair

The Deep State Exposed 


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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

I love Whitney Webb! She does excellent work.