Donald Trump, World Leaders and Tensions

Any world leader is potentially dangerous. It is important that citizens see them for who and what they are. It is unwittingly assumed that world leaders are actually trying to do what is best for their respective countries. This is what I call the imaginary incentive to serve. Nature provides no such incentive. World leaders acquire their positions out of self interest. Donald Trump, President of the United States is no exception. The game of politics at the top is played by mankind’s most accomplished and effective predictors. All are very effective at manipulating people and circumstances. Truth is not part of politics. Only one thing matters to a world leader. That is getting what they want. Power is always at the top of the list.

The office of President of the United States is generally held by a person who does not live by a particular moral code. Donald Trump pays for sex. Many people would not have a personal friend who does that. Most have also learned that that is what they are going to get in a president. It is hard to turn someone out of office for such a thing and there would be no point. The replacement would likely be just as bad in that department. To become a world leader, one must have an elevated notion of entitlement. The fact that Trump has questionable  morals is so commonplace among politicians, there is not much point in worrying with it.

If you are a citizen and support Trump, you may come out ahead. The things Trump does my be of help to you but that is incidental. Trump’s concern is Donald Trump. That is the nature of elected leaders. The incentive to serve really is completely imaginary. As silly as it is, citizens get the short end of the stick over and over again because they honestly do believe their leaders take them seriously. That is not the case.

Lets be clear. We do not know what Trump wants or what he expects to gain from holding the office. There are parts of the process by which he gains power that are potentially dangerous. I write constantly about the propensity of mankind to worship. Who worships who? Who needs whose approval? Donald Trump is an absolute master at getting folks to need his approval. When he was doing his show, The Apprentice he had people standing in line to get fired by Donald Trump. He and his family are heavy into branding. What is branding other than manipulating others into believing something is special just because it is endorsed by a special person. Branding is the business of selling products to people who need the approval of the person whose name is on the brand.

The danger we have in Trump is that he has an extraordinary ability to get people to act without thinking by virtue of needing his approval. What is politics? Politics is the art of getting people to act without thinking. So far Donald Trump does not seem to be guilty of anything with which he is being accused. He is called a racist constantly but he is not. He can get people to do things which are against their best interest. World leaders are all potentially dangerous. An individual who can coax others into worshiping him, or needing his approval if you prefer, can get folks killed and seriously impoverished if he takes a wrong turn. The most destructive leaders in history all have had this same characteristic.

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