Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Scott Walker

Never was it suggested that the prime recipients of the TARP bill if 2008 be tested for drug use. Are the beneficiaries of the ethanol program drug tested? How about the beneficiaries of the Fed’s zero interest rate policy? What about all of the corporations which have elevated profit margins due to governmental efforts to prevent deflation? What is government other than a place to get what you want and have others pay for it? Certainly government is given all sorts of lofty definitions. But how does it actually function? What makes more sense expecting government to do what it is designed to do or looking at what it really does? I choose to look at what government actually does.

What is a conservative? Is Scott Walker a conservative? He claims to be. I ask you, what laws is he trying to repeal? What government agencies is he trying to close? Scott Walker is a Republican who practices Republicanism. What is Republicanism? Republicanism is the practice of virtue signaling by engaging in conservative rhetoric while methodically being a liberal. Do all Republicans practice Republicanism? I have not found any who do anything else.

So what are the objectives in drug testing food stamp recipients. Is it designed to rein in the corporations which benefit from the food stamp program out of proportion to the poor? Drug testing food stamp recipients in Wisconsin has one primary benefit. That benefit goes to Governor Scott Walker because it builds the perception that he is a conservative, which he is not. Governor walker is a Republican. Republicans have not so much as even promoted one conservative thing since Calvin Coolidge  refused to expand the federal government prior to the Great Depression.

However it is of critical important that Republican politicians maintain the image of being about to do something of a conservative nature. 100% of the bills on which congress votes are on the floor for a single purpose. That is to transfer wealth and income from the poor and middle class to the politically powerful elite.

So Scott Walker is going to drug test Food Stamp recipients. If a food stamper so much as smokes a joint, it is off of the program for you. Never mind that the amount of cocaine snorted on Wall Streets in one day probably amounts to more drug use than all of the drugs all of the food stampers consume in an entire year.

So, how do we turn this country around? We make sure the food stampers are not using drugs. That is Republicanism. Rank and file Republicans are thrilled. Why wouldn’t they be? They practice Republicanism also. The average Republican constituent says to himself,”It is about time somebody did something about the food stampers bleeding the life out of the country.” They all feel like a good sound conservatives. There are no conservatives. Not one among them will ever do anything that really matters with respect moving back towards a free market economy. Is Scott Walker a conservative? You will have to convince me that he is. I don’t see any evidence.


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