Elitists Are Born

Elitists are born not made. An elitist is hardwired to manage the lives and behavior of aggregations of people with strong herd instincts. It is a co-dependent relationship between the elitist and the people whose lives are managed. Rank and file people instinctively relate to government as if it were a parent. Elitists and the rank and file are drawn together like opposite ends of a magnet.
Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and other government made billionaires are elitist. An elitist feels incomplete as a person if he is not making decisions as to how others behave and how they use their time and energy.
All Americans have a codependency relationship with government to one degree or another. In New York, this tendency is particularly pronounced.

Anyone who can read can and will benefit from reading The Fantasy – Free Advantage. There is no math or statistics. There are a few charts – all of which are easy to understand. There are no complex economic principles. There is no political ideology.

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