Gods of the United States of America

The big advantage to being Fantasy and euphemism free is in knowing what is going on in the world and knowing what to expect in terms of human behavior. For most people, seeing reality is akin to staring directly into the sun. It is much too harsh for the naked eye. Looking at the world and the universe without the prism of fantasy makes happiness very difficult. So for me happiness difficult to achieve. It is a choice, happiness or seeing reality. I have to ask. If happiness is not possible without believing lies, is it worth it? For me, I choose to live as close to the truth as I possibly can. Happiness can wait. Peace is a better option.  Happiness always has an expiration date. Peace is permanent.

Even though people profess to worship God as Christians, Jews, Muslims and others, in the United States they actually worship their leaders. In, the United States, where are faith and trust actually placed? Faith and trust are placed in leaders.

Most know that in ancient times, different populations worshiped different gods. The Philistines had one god. The Jews had another. When there was a battle, the side with the most powerful god won.

Notice that Americans don’t really participate in in self government. Some vote but when they do, they are electing a god. In 2016 United States citizens were electing their god. The god of conservatives was Donald Trump. The god of liberals was Hillary Clinton.

In ancient times, in wars, it wasn’t just the people who fought. The side with the more powerful god won. People of the less powerful god always served the people of the more powerful god. Democracy is actually a lot like a war. The big differences are no guns or swords.  In the United States today there is great fear among all who worshiped Hillary Clinton that they will be forced to serve the worshipers of the more powerful god, Donald Trump.

Please don’t think I am trying to be funny. This is the precise mentality of the people of the United States of America.



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