Government For Profit

0bAs government is changing, it is important to remember that government is for profit. All who work in government and all who approach government for benefits do so out of self interest. Any president including Trump will spend as much money as possible. Presidents become more powerful by spending money. A personal need to be powerful is the most common reason a person seeks the office.

Goodwill manifests where freedom and free markets prevail. More than ever today, citizens are bargaining away their freedom in the quest for comfort, and free markets have largely been replaced.  Freedom for the average person is a burden. Freedom takes thought and effort. Both are work and work is avoided if there is an alternative. Many alternatives are available. Comfortable docile people are easy to manage as are their opinions and activities. Political discourse today consists of nothing more than constant virtue signaling. Most highly profitable business are primarily engaged in herding which includes opinion and behavior management. Government is their tool.

The biggest role government plays is to serve as a means for those with political power to make a profit off the general population by rigging the markets they serve in their businesses. The two major political parties operate like huge organized crime families. They are deal making services.

Ordinary voters are duped into believing politicians run for office out of a desire to serve humanity. Nature does not provide an incentive to serve. This role is completely imaginary. A person with a desire to serve others is not likely to be a sociopath. Only sociopaths have the manipulative skills it takes to win an election on the national level. The process of winning a national election is completely brutal. Mother Teresa would never have been elected president.

Do not expect Trump to be a free market guy. Free markets are good for ordinary people. To anyone who can, it pays to use power to supersede any free market restrictions and let the free market control the activities of everyone else.

For Trump and those who support him, the presidency represents an opportunity for personal gain. The only way average citizens can have a net benefit to a change in government is if a spending cut occurs and government agencies are closed. So far Trump has not put one conservative economic idea on the table. He may not. He probably won’t. We have trade agreements but we don’t have free trade. Almost a year ago, Trump suggested closing the Department of Education. That would constitute a conservative thing and would be the first from a president since Calvin Coolidge refused to expand the Federal government prior to the Great Depression.

 The Grazin’ Is Good , a good ole Curbside Jimmy tune.

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