Guns Shootings, Parents Not Worried

Are new gun laws needed? American parents don’t thinks so.
This new round of gun control debate started following the latest school shooting. Has anyone noticed that parents are not pulling their kids out of school?

Apparently the chance of getting an education, as illusive as it might be, is a great enough incentive that parents are o.k. with exposing their children to the prospect of getting mowed down by gunfire at school. Statistically there is not much chance of that happening.

Parents do have some control but they don’t wish to use it. So, if parents are not concerned enough to remove their kids from school, why is everyone so anxious to have new gun laws when there is not much chance the the new laws will be enforced anyway? Yes, parents can be prosecuted under truancy laws. Life has trade offs. Given enough danger the risk of prosecution should be worth it.

Clearly, there is a new platform for virtue signaling and folks are jumping on it.

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