Herd Posturing

Anybody can do this. Observe the current scheme of things without looking through the . Your chances of making accurate assessments are almost 100%. Experts are not needed. Experts need you more than you need them. An expert almost always offers a more popular explanation and that is not possible unless reality is altered.

Have you noticed that there is not one initiative to repeal even one law in the United States today? Also, there is not one initiative devoted to closing even one government agency. There are multitudes who call themselves conservatives who engage in endless rhetoric. Yet, for the purpose of accomplishing conservative goals, there is absolutely zero activity. Given the level of dialog, at first glance this looks bizarre to say the least.

It is only odd to the degree you indulge in fantasy. A fantasy free look reveals that an aggregation of people actually is a herd. Human behavior in herd settings parallels the behavior of other animals in a herd setting. Human beings are no more prone to governing themselves than is a herd of horses.

Americans are said to be governing themselves but instead they use political discourse as a means of improving their status in the herd. Herd animals expect to receive benefits from the herd to which they belong. Individual work turns out to be a second choice for all animals. In a herd setting all of the animals try to get more out of the herd than they put into it. Some do and some don’t but the effort is ongoing and relentless.

The next time you see someone ranting about supporting the troops, ending the Fed, welfare or anything of the sort, ask three questions. What specific things are you doing to have laws repealed? What demonstrative action are you taking to close one or more government agencies? How is it that you expect the country to change without repealing one law or closing one government agency? Probably you will be ignored and the subject will change.The Swamp My Puppy Dog and I is another timely Curbside Jimmy song.

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