Hillary’s Bull Market

48246950.cachedMy stock market forecasts have been completely on target for 2016. The link below was written just before the brixit vote in Britain. I could not make such accurate forecasts if the market was not being completely manipulated. I can tell you what the elites are going to do, just by looking at their past behavior.


So, what is next? Crime and government have merged. No, I don’t expect you to believe my right away. The news media, all of it, is trying to get Hillary Clinton elected president. So are the international banks, all of Wall Street and any group that has spent countless dollars gaining control of government. Why do they like Clinton? She will do exactly what they tell her to without flinching. There is no concern that she will destroy the country. To the elite, this all about profit. Your suffering is not even a consideration.

This is what will happen next. From right now through the November election the level of manipulation will be astronomical. All stops will be removed in the effort to goose the market to new highs. The Federal Reserve will be buying outright as will all of the worlds central banks. Promises will be made to friends of the Fed. Corporate insiders will be assured that when they buy back stock, the Fed will have their backs. No effort will be spared. To the elite, the level of the stock market is a matter of life and death.

I don’t think they can pull it off this time. The level of trust in the country is lower and getting lower. Foreign markets are not responding well. I know exactly what will be done to elevate the market. I can’t say that it will work. It has worked very well since the fall of 2011. We have to remember that all of this will destroy the economy and the stock market as well. I don’t see that the economy can withstand any additional abuse. Foreign markets are giving way. I think the U.S. stock market will give way this time to additional economic stress.

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