History Lasts A Long Time

With trouble in politics and the economy going bad, what in the world are people going to do? Will our leaders end up doing the right thing? Common Sense Economics knows where to find the answer. Go to the Old Testament and find a situation that parallels what we face today. What did people do then? They will do the same today. All Americans profess to be autonomous and independent minded, but end up doing what they are hard wired to do.
History lasts a long time. Prior to the American Revolution various thinkers began entertaining ideas of liberty for the individual. A strange confluence of circumstances, and people in North America made possible the establishment of a democracy based system of government. Previously ordinary people served masters, kings and chiefs and are hardwired to live under those types of systems. People unwittingly arrange the return to the systems they are hard wired to live under. While mankind is slowly evolving in the direction of liberty for all, we are currently in a retrograde cycle where people are giving up freedom and seeking to live under the authority of a strong government. This is in line with what is genetically normal. In time interest in liberty and self rule will once again emerge, but not in our lifetimes.
Remaining free and autonomous in an un-free world will prove to be a challenge. Pay no attention to what people say, conservative or liberal. Both sides are opting for centralized authority. Both main parties are controlled from the top down with party members acting as soldiers in ideological armies. There is no interests in citizens controlling government.
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