How Low Are You Willing To Go?

bLets say you have $300,000 cash and you don’t want to risk it in the stock market. Today the highest CD rates in the country are about 1.25%. That pays you $312 per month.  If you were not being robbed blind by Federal Reserve policy, you would receive about 3.25% on your savings or $813 per month. This is because no bank in the world will pay you what your money is worth if they can get the same from the Federal Reserve for next to nothing. I ask you, are you happy with that? Everybody has to decide for himself how low he is willing to go.

Are you in awe of Janet Yellen and the other Federal Reserve members? I am telling you, these people are no more honest than crack dealers. They have lower morals than crack whores. But, people love and respect them. For what, God only knows. They have no competence whatsoever. You think they do? All they have done is wreak havoc on the economy and rob you blind. If you love them anyway, you are crazy. A group of astrologers would do better by leaps and bounds. Never in the history of the world has a central bank successfully kick started an economy. But, people love and respect them anyway. Would you respect a thief who broke into your house and stole your silver? Perhaps you would, if you are crazy. O.K., so you are satisfied to earn a paltry 1.25 % on your savings? If you are, you are crazy.

What is worse, Federal Reserve policy has wrought so much havoc on the economy the whole system is going to collapse. Chances are good you will lose the savings on which you’re earning no more than 1.25%. And, will you still love the Federal Reserve? Perhaps, but you are crazy if you do.  Do you think Federal Reserve members are good economists? Even if they grasp the concepts, they are too dishonest to be good at anything.

The Federal Reserve System was established by Congress in 1914. During all of its years it has impoverished countless human beings and has not had one successful program. Just since 2008 they have stolen unfathomable amounts from honest hard working Americans. Still Americans love and worship these people. An act of Congress can also eliminate this destructive institution in the same way it was created. The Federal Reserve Members belong in handcuffs, but that won’t happen.

Have I been too harsh? Well, this is as harsh as I can possibly be. If I could be even more harsh, believe me, I would.

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