Is Anybody Thinking?

Is Anybody Thinking?
At any given time only about 3% of the population is thinking. The other 97% profess adamantly that they are thinking also.
Where do thoughts come from? The mind takes suggestions and records them. People then mistake these records as thoughts. Go to one of the conservative echo chambers and listen to the chatter. What you read or hear will be suggestions people’s minds have recorded. The records are being repeated as if they are original thoughts. Dialog among liberals is of the same nature.
During a genuine crisis, almost everyone thinks, especially those who are suffering. Soon the United States will be in another financial crises and ordinary people will begin weighing and discerning the causes of their misery and looking for solutions.
Currently every government of any size along with every central bank is using public funds to push stock prices higher. Developed countries are keeping financial assets overpriced. Underdeveloped countries are keeping their currencies undervalued. All that is holding up the world economy are overpriced financial assets. As soon as financial assets start declining in value, the U.S. will enter a depression far worse than the Great Depression of the 1930’s.
When the suffering starts, people will start thinking.

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