Julian Assange

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Here is what I am expecting. The news media will make the announcement and then bury the story. With this, the Deep State has made the best deal it could. It is Assange’s influence that they want to squelch. With anything but a plea deal, like a trial, Assange would have had a more powerful voice.

Look at the history of how the media has treated stories that might bring out conservative and insightful thought and dialog to the forefront.

Rush Limbaugh died in 2021. His passing was treated as a ho hum happening, Missing were the short documentaries that are typical when an important person dies. The deaths of Fidel Castro in 2008 and Hugo Chavez in 2013 got plenty of coverage.

Just know that a plea deal was the best the U.S. justice system could engineer. We will hear as little about Julian Assange as the media can possibly accomplish. Who knows what his future might be. The government in Australia is about as corrupt as as the one in the United States. Who knows where Assange might end up where he might be unaccosted in speaking freely?



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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
28 days ago

It’s a shock to me that Assange made it through his travails alive. I was certain “THEY” would make sure he didn’t.