Larry Kudlow, a Fantasy Free Look

Larry Kudlow will now be head of the National Economic Council. What do we know about Larry Kudlow? First what do we need to know? Kudlow is a mainstream economists. That means he favors massive government intervention in the economy. Being a mainstream economist, he skips the fact that economics is the study of the survival of the human species in the secular world. Natural law trumps any human inspired theory. Kudlow will use no natural law. Kudlow will also adhere to the erroneous assumptions about human nature that all pedigreed economists make.

Kudlow has been a member of the news media for many years. The news media is financed through advertising. The news media offers a platform where customers can tell lies in attempts to increase their profit. What is advertising other than glamorized lying?  By studying natural law, we know that there will never be a positive outcome generated by an activity that starts with an act of dishonesty. Does Kudlow tell lies? Of course he does.

Kudlow will be exactly what the Deep State is looking for. From reading we know he is a great believer in supply side theory. He sees stimulus as a role for government to play. Stimulus by government is never anything but theft. If you have money and political power, stimulus is a way to have government stimulate others in ways that make your business even more profitable. The costs to others is never calculated.

So, what do we know about Larry Kudlow? As a card carrying member of the human race, he will be acting out of self interest.  Because he has been so successful working in the media he is not bothered by dishonesty. Because he subscribes to mainstream economic theory, we know he is clueless as to the way the world really works.

But, for the right price he will help you the citizen get what you want from others provided you have adequate money and political power.

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