Lying in Politics

Lying does not offend me. If it did I would be unhappy every waking hour. Countless institutions employ lying as a path to profit. How often is a bad happening blamed on the “lying media?”  This is as if something else is expected from the media. Given how the media is funded, how could it be any other way? All of the revenue the media receives is earned by lying and embellishing on the behalf of advertisers. Oh, talk show hosts for example, constantly claim they only support products and services they truly believe in. Of course, that in itself is a lie. When lies would be illegal if delivered in regular language, the same message is delivered with images and videos. Lies are totally common in everyday life . I am not going to call for a moratorium telling lies. The silence would be more than I could handle.

There are lies that are dangerous and life threatening. These are lies where a person is caught telling lies, changes the subject temporarily and then start telling the sames lies again. People then believe the lie the same as they did the first time they heard it.

These are the kinds of lies Hillary Clinton tell. These kinds of lies can be treated as the truth only by people who are liars themselves. A Hillary Clinton supporter is not going to turn against her when she is caught in a lie. To do so would be to discredit themselves along with  Hillary. Is a lie necessary in the sense that the end justifies the means? Hillary’s supporters believe that it is.

With that I will give you now  some natural lay. The notion that the end justifies the means is a complete myth. The truth is that the means creates the end independently of any intentions.


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