Magic Power of Government


Ronald Reagan was the first truly big government Republican and the president who initiated the practice of government tampering with financial markets.




Where ever people live they all have one thing in common. Whether it is North Korea, the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, Syria, Iran, totalitarian or democracy, citizens all believe their governments have magical powers. This belief is instinctive because there is no empirical evidence to support such a notion.

Years ago, Kevin Costner stared in a Robin Hood movie. When Robin hood and his men were being pursued by the kings men, the decision was made to exit into a hunted forest. One of Robin Hood’s men said “there are ghosts in that forest.” Ghost were real in the minds of Middle Age European. No one doubted their existence.

Finally humanity got over believing in ghosts. The strong believe in the power and goodness of governments persist today without one iota of evidence a government can do much of anything for the people who live in it. Citizens believe government policy makes the economy good or bad. They believe governments create jobs. The United States, people believe the president has power over the economy. We have all heard about the Clinton economy, Bush Economy and Obama Economy.

Government is expensive. The protection a government provides is at a staggering price. Read chapter 8 of the Book of I Samuel in the Old Testament. This scripture describes what government costs and the enormous burdens it places on citizens. It is also made clear that people are so insecure that they opt for big government anyway.

The cost of protection may be necessary but all of the other stuff is all cost and no benefit.

As the economy tanks don’t expect Americans to see the light and opt for a free market system. Instead, they will ask for more socialism. The free market system here has been dismantled and replaced with Fascism. Very few will make the distinction. Instead. There will be endless chatter about how capitalism has failed, What failed was not capitalism. It was the American people who failed. They did not have enough character to operate a representative government. Had American’s forced their leaders to function as delegates instead of worshipping them.

The few who of us who reject euphemisms and remain aware will fare better than everyone else. Unfortunately, as our fellow citizens go about enslaving themselves, they will enslave all of us.

Here are a couple of very timely tunes tunes written and recorded by Curbside Jimmy.

Hard Times Coming
When Times Got Really Weird


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