Managing the Poor

usa-00560Isn’t it odd? The poor get so much from the government but they never ask for anything. When the poor get upset it is usually because of unequal treatment under the law.

There is great risk to to powers in place in letting the poor get uncomfortable. Since all people bargain away freedom for comfort, the poor are likely to sell out cheap. Talk show hosts who exploit the echo chambers attribute all success in life to character and personal effort. It is true these things are essential in order to excel at anything. But, the poor are on average well below the elite in terms of intelligence and other natural skills. An hour of effort by a poor person generates fewer results than the same hour provides for a rich person.

Democrats have built a reputation for caring about the poor and taking their concerns to heart. They do nothing for them but just the thought buys their loyalty.

The poor are a huge potential threat to the operators of our rigged market economy. As long as the poor are comfortable, there is no concern. Let them get cold or hungry in a big way and they might take to the streets and get violent. There are many more poor than rich. The imbalance in numbers, to the rich is worrisome.

Programs for the poor were constructed originally as a way of creating a loyal constituency for politicians who pretend to be concerned about them. Care has always been taken to insure that the rich benefit as much from these programs as the ones for which they are intended.

When there is talk of closing the food stamp program, all of the complaints come from corporate farms and food processors. The poor would find other ways to get buy.

Now that our free market system has been scrapped in favor of a rigged marked system, the rich must lobby congress for economic benefits in order to compete. To become a billionaire, it takes herding skills for sure but the aspiring billionaire most also be adept at using government to guarantee his profits. Government is good for forcing others to buy, rigging markets and capturing customers.

Like the Highway and the Sea

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