Message to Second Amendment Buffs

<img class=”alignleft wp-image-3242″ src=”” alt=”2ndAmendment” width=”466″ height=”253″ />The country is forever having to listen to you guys whine. You have already been disarmed intellectually. Why do you think you will not have to give up your guns. Intellectual wimps are no match for for people who know how to use the political system. You don’t care that you have no representation in congress. You have no idea why Federal Reserve policy is destroying the country. You support our mercenary army and insist they are are all heroes no matter how dishonest the military action is. You are destroying the country in no less of a way than the people who want to take your guns. When you are patting each other on the back, it is blessing for me that I am not present. I would vomit.

I actually support your second amendment right but you guys are a bunch of cowards and it is time for people to see you for what you are.  You volunteer for slavery in every other aspect of your life and expect to keep your arms. You are all disillusioned.

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