Next Hitler?

0Trump is compared to Hitler so often I feel the need to review a little about who Hitler was and how he got into power.

Did Hitler get into power without help from anyone else? Actually without the help and encouragement of German industrialists he would have faded out. Germans who personally benefited from Hitler’s policies loved him. They only stopped loving him when they started to suffer from what he had done.  Hitler invented the public private partnership concept which is at the heart of fascism and a favorite today among politicians. Most German wartime corporations survived the war and are still in operation today. Hitler is dead along with countless other Germans. War is a business and the large industries of all countries who fought, won the war.

If Trump was going to turn  out like Hitler, the elite who hate him, would be his greatest advocates.

Trump, up to this point, has done none of the things Hitler did. On the other hand, the Bush and Obama administrations are actually ahead of Hitler in fascist-type activities. The elite 1% have have been accommodated completely. The poor and middle class have been treated as expendable.  The news media is far more effective in promoting government than was the news in Hitler’s Germany. Laws are enforced selectively. This is classic fascism.

By the end of 1939, Hitler had killed about 200,000 of the Polish. Hitler’s serious killing had not even gotten started.

The United State’s military adventures in the mideast have killed many multiples of the deaths Hitler produced early on.  Why is the United States fighting in the mideast? The unspoken goal is to  control natural resources.

Americans may have unwittingly, prevented a Hitler-like person from becoming president when they turned away Hillary Clinton.

Where do despots come from? They come from the pool of world leaders most of whom are winners of democratic elections.  Aspiring despots do not announce their intentions.  No world leader should ever be trusted. Only Trump knows why he ran for office, but there is no evidence that he is another Hitler. As Trump takes office, the United States is already in the claws of fascism.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s The Grazin’ is Good. The Grazin’ Is Good

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