Obama Goes Conservative


President Barak Obama

Right wing conservatives are all opinion and absolutely nothing else. Nothing is accomplished through government without coercion. So that is not true you say? To you, Common Sense Economics says name one example in the past 50,000 years.

Common Sense Economics is constantly looking for conservative acts by politicians. Rhetoric and opinions don’t count.

During the fall election a handful of potentially conservative Republicans were elected to congress. Republicans hurried to pass important liberal legislation before the new bodies might interrupt their plans after the first of the year.

Please understand, the President is not a conservative. Still, he is the only American politician to try and implement any conservative initiatives. This month there have been three.

Here they are the initiatives

Civil forfeitures: Through the Attorney General, the president is attempting to end the practice of civil forfeitures. Government’s taking assets from citizens without a trial is a huge infringement on constitutional rights.

Cuba: The fastest way to free the Cuban people is to introduce trading opportunities. Free trade always empowers people over a government. Sanctions never work.

Tax the rich: Who should pay the highest taxes? Common Sense Economics knows it should be the group that lobbies for expensive self serving legislation, rigs markets and in general causes government to grow in size.

In addition to raising revenue, incentives and disincentives change every time tax laws change. Government will continue to grow in size until it is too expensive for the rich to use it as a tool.

Tax the rich enough and they will lobby for less government instead.

Using government to exploit an unwitting population is very damaging and will eventually cause the demise of the country.

Don’t misunderstand. The president is a sociopath and his doing conservative things has nothing to do with beliefs. Right now he can get some support by doing some conservative things. Though these things are conservative, none of them that offensive to his liberal supporters. Even if it is for political; expediency, the right thing is the right thing.

Special thanks to the first lady for not covering her head in Saudi Arabia.

The Grazin’ is Good. They love this one in the Ukraine. It is a great Curbside Jimmy tune,


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