Over Herding

Human beings have a strong herding instinct, certainly as strong as the instinct that guides, horses, cattle, sheep and many other animals. How do we know humans are herd animals? We watch them with our euphemism free clear vision. Humans herd other animals and they also herd one another.

The Internet has evolved into the greatest herding tool since the cattle prod. So how do humans herd each other? They use the same techniques they employ in herding less intelligent animals. A reward is offered and choices are narrowed. The human animal takes the reward and continues down the path of least resistance that they are offered. Sometimes fear is used to scare them down a preferred path. It is the same as is with other animals. Humans deny being herd animals but all one needs to do is watch them.

Like any other animal they can be over herded and that is what the Internet has done. A complete herding industry has evolved where behavior and opinions are managed. Google and facebook are completely funded by human herding. Each determines what you see and each profits by guiding people, limiting choices and and stimulating them.

Just like with the cattle drives of old, too much herding in too short of a time wears the animal down. Americans today are like a herd of dairy cows that has been over milked. Over herding destroys the utility of animals.

Internet advertisers are not getting results and they are becoming very aggressive. It is getting harder to get folks to click the mouse. People are saying to themselves. Nope, I am not falling for that again. News sites are losing readers because it is not worth the trouble given all of the badgering they encounter in the process. This kind of thing is normal where consumers have free choice, even when it is limited. Consumers are not behaving in the ways ad companies expected them to. It is turning out that the Internet is not a source of unlimited profits after all.

Here is Curbside Jimmy’s Euphemism-Mountain.mp3. It is all about the euphemisms of life.

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