Politics Is All Animal Behavior

With Fantasy Free Economics I teach how to live and survive outside the herd.

What is the nature of animal behavior? It is not so much that animals do not think. Their decisions are made automatically. When animals live in groups, they have a leader and all have tasks they perform according to their status in the group. Herd positioning is determined by dominance and subservience. Each animal constantly attempts to get maximum benefits by virtue of being a member of the group.

Human beings think constantly and come up with brilliant thoughts and ideas. However when doing politics their behavior is the same as all animals. Actual thought does not even enter the equation. All of politics comes down to each person trying to get what he wants.

It is the nature of aggregations of people that thought and opinions become fairly standardized. Behaviors are engaged in out of instinct. Since the beginning of recorded history, people have looked first to the aggregation they belong to for their essence. It is out of instinct that they look to government to solve their greatest difficulties. How do we know this is instinct? It could not be anything else. In modern times, government has not solved a single problem in any country in the world. Efforts to do things like stimulate economies are ongoing and have been for many decades. No government economic intervention has ever failed to do more harm than good. Either people are acting on instinct or they are crazy. This is all instinctive.

Political decisions are made in the reptilian portion of the brain. The reptilian brain uses a different set of facts than the larger thinking brain.  Can a president improve an economy? According to the reptilian brain it can. The larger brain knows better. The reptilian brain treats government as an arbitrator of justice and fairness.  For political decisions the reptilian brain overrides the thinking process.  Government serves as a way for people to get what they want and have others pay for it. Fairness and justice are not even part of the equation.

Notice that in the current political arena sound bites are used as facts. This is the reptilian brain at work. Is politics animal behavior? You bet it is. Thinking is done in other areas of life. Politics is part of the tribal positioning process and that is the purpose it mainly servers. This is why it is so easy to know what people will do under what circumstances. Group behavior among humans parallels group behavior in the animal kingdom.

Please understand that fantasy free thinking is not the path to happiness.  Happiness is much easier to obtain living inside the herd. Fantasy free thinking is good only if you genuinely want to know what is going on in the world and how to interpret it. It actually makes finding happiness a little more difficult.

It takes a completely sober mind to entertain this. It is almost impossible to live your life as a herd animal and see yourself doing so at the same time.

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