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In 2019, I was getting about 1000 reads per day. Today, after Fantasy – Free Economics in its original form was destroyed…. I have 6 readers along with about 3 referred by Google. YouTube has quarantined my Fantasy – Free Economic channel. Prior to that, despite our complete ineptness in making videos, we  were getting plenty of views and subscribers.

Yesterday, when I went online prior to the market open to look at the futures, I couldn’t load Yahoo Finance. Well, I couldn’t load anything else. I use a VPN service that shows I am in Dallas or San Antonio. I tried switching to San Antonio and still no luck. I changed it to Mexico, which is what I am using now and it works fine. The same thing happened again. I am fine in Mexico.

Prior to losing my old content, I made a post describing what will happen if the bottom falls out of the stock market. One of those things is that when that certain day comes, retail customers will not be able to log in to their accounts. That way, selling can be contained. There are many possible reasons but that one is obvious.

What is disturbing to me, is that the average person in the country is oblivious to the fact that something even worse may happen to them. All kind of red flags go up when a famous person gets censored. When an average person gets destroyed, that gets explained away as some kook imagining he is being mistreated.

It is quite alarming that Americans are completely unconcerned when a small player gets taken out. The fact is that if someone as small as I am gets targeted, all others are in danger also. That is actually more serious than a famous person being targeted.

I do thank you 6 readers for having the confidence to come to my new site.

The situations I describe in this blog actually are completely on target. For example, I identify organized crime as running the healthcare industry – same as they did bakeries in the 70s. I also point out that what is called the Deep State is a prolific global crime syndicate. This puts the focus right where it belongs. Perhaps, that is why I have been shut down.


What is disturbing to me – is that something as severe or worse can happen to anyone in the country. It should be unnerving in a general sense to everyone.

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Tom McGuiness
Tom McGuiness
1 year ago

I agree it is very disturbing and the portent is ominous. Still, even among a clueless majority, I take great solace in the facts that a) not everyone is willing to turn off their minds and simply do what they’re told, especially when what they’re told today completely contradicts what they were told yesterday and b) I do believe millions of people are waking up and I see encouraging signs of it all over the world from Canadian truckers to Dutch farmers to Irish bank account holders who pulled their money after their bank threatened to go cashless, forcing the bank to back down.
I’ll continue to come here as long as this site exists. We may have to go through a lot of turbulence but ultimately the would-be tyrants WILL LOSE.
Thanks and keep up the great work, James!