Reasons are Seldom Complex

mathThe United States is moving into an era of deep and extended depression. There are reasons why but those reasons are not what folks want to hear. You will hear all kinds of explanations. Analysis will get complex but will only be complex because of the stress of focusing on actual causes. Study history and observe is all one need do.

Government has a stated purpose and the United States is defined as a democratic republic. Economists, other than James Quillian, are unaware that work is a second choice. Since the beginning of mankind, government has been ascribed noble attributes and folks expect it to act accordingly. Government has always served first as a way to live off the efforts of others and secondly as a protector and only occasionally as a fair administer of justice. The U.S. government began its process of ongoing corruption as soon as the constitution was adopted and ratified. It has taken almost 250 years for corruption to become pervasive enough to destroy the country. There never has been a golden era of democracy. This is a myth. The process of corrupting the system has been continual since day one. The damage from corruption is so sever that a complete reset and collapse can no longer be delayed or avoided.  The United States as we have always known it may not survive.

Looking at the country without the handicap of euphemisms, it is clear that ordinary people are no where close to taking control of the country in order to govern themselves. Democrats and Republicans alike are messiah seeking, just as they have always done. The other approach is to expect and insist that representatives serve as delegates. Never in our history have citizens had representation in government. The result of messiah seeking is that citizens serve their representatives instead of having representatives serve them.




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