Sessions Caves on Cannabis

Zero Hedge reports today as if Session is about to rein in states legalizing cannabis/

Nothing could be further from the truth. A fantasy free look tells a different story. Why would a man like Jeff Sessions support continuing to enforce laws that virtually no one has any intention of obeying and local police only enforce when they feel like it? Surely some one as smart as Sessions would not want to keep laws on the books which have no effect on whether or not people engage in the behaviors the laws are meant to prevent. That is in the absence of an incentive. Who does Sessions owe? Sessions owes the private prison lobby and big pharma.

Sessions owes what cannot be delivered. He needs a way out of his promises. So, the decisions to go after legal marijuana are being passed to federal prosecutors on the state level. What prosecutor in California is going to take on the general population which is now doing back flips over their new found opportunity to obtain their favorite products, recreational and medicinal? Defuse the decision making process and take the heat off oneself. That is what Sessions is doing.  What about federal prosecutors where pot is not legal in any way, Texas for example?  Well, for those prosecutors the heat is off. That will make it easier for the not legal states to make it legal. What are prosecutors other than self serving human beings? Most will take the path of least resistance and not pick fights that have a high potential outcome of making them look foolish.

So, what will Sessions do? What will Trump do? Sessions is doing what is good for Sessions, probably with the advice and council of his boss. Trump will do what is good for Trump. Once some time has gone by, Trump will call a press conference. He will state clearly that marijuana should not be a schedule 1 drug. He will go on about how much he is opposed to drinking and taking drugs, but it is still important to treat a drug as what it actually is. Why will Trump do such a thing? It makes good political sense. So it will happen.

This is a fantasy free look at the cannabis issue. Fantasy free is no fun but a fantasy free look always exposes folk’s deepest motivations and disregards fancy words which are used just used to control public opinion.


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