Staples of Peace

What world-peace-day-2does it take to have peace in the world? Step one is to have some areas of civilization. The first known political document laid out some necessary voluntary restraints. The name of the document is the Ten Commandments. In the old days, religion and government were one in the same. To the degree that societies have kept the Ten Commandments, civilization has flourished.  Keeping the Ten Commandments does not have to be a religious undertaking. Some individual behaviors must be given up voluntarily if a society is going to be civilized. Other behaviors must be voluntarily adopted.

Where there are no free markets, there is no peace. One of the fine tributes of free markets is that they are substitutes for violence.

Then there is democracy. Democracy also serves as a substitute for violence.

The Unites States no longer has a free market economy. Elections and other democratic processes are now rigged. Even private citizens are protesting against the democratic process.

With the demise of free market economies and the destruction of democracy, war is much more likely. Expect more war.

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