Stealth Taxes and Health Care Bills

Now that Trump is president are you expecting that he and all of your representatives are busily giving freely of their time and energy to make your life better? If you are not a Trump person, are you assuming your representatives on the other side are working tirelessly on your behalf? If you really believe these things you are exactly what a thief is looking for.

I have explained many times how crime and government merge in a democratic system. The most common form of theft that government facilitates is through what I call stealth taxation. When an industry uses government to rig markets in its favor or uses Federal Reserve policy to create higher profit margins than what would occur in a free market, the effect on the average citizen is the same as paying a tax to a government. Through controlling government, industries with political power levy stealth taxes on the general population.  The problem with Obamacare and Trump light is that these bills are a way of passing stealth taxes. There is no overall utility to society but there is a huge cost. The cost works out mathematically to be taxation. Guess what? It is a tax. I am not talking a just about the insurance premium. The cost of anything medically related goes up. Lobbyists write these bills in order to create feeding frenzies for the industries they represent.  Don’t think for a minute a president or anyone in congress or the senate has a part in writing bills. The bills are written by lobbyists. Representatives in government are paid to get the bills passed. The lawmakers job is also to convince you the voter that it is a good deal. I guarantee you it is a rotten deal.

The Republican answer to Obamacare is a stealth tax. Certain conservatives will try to tell you that the bill must be passed as a method of doing the wrong thing first, as a way to set up a way to do the right thing later.  As a principle of natural law, it is always best to do the right thing in the moment a decision is called for. As tempting as it is to do otherwise for a host of rational sounding reasons, doing the wrong thing always generates a negative outcome.

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