Stir the Pot

stirring-pot-3063194I don’t support candidates. Candidates run for office out of self interest. There is nothing wrong with that but expecting them to immediately take the causes of those who elect them is completely unrealistic. Government provides a way for all participants to get what they want. Politicians don’t represent voters even while voters stubbornly expect them to.

This cycle I am pulling for the few who are stirring the pot. Those candidates are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. None of these folks are good people but stirring the pot has high utility to the country right now. Pulling for is not the same as supporting.

Why stir the pot? As it is, cooperation between elected representatives, corporate elitists and the news media is solid. This arrangement is in the process of destroying the country. From now on do no expect much media coverage of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Rand Paul now that two of the three have become aggressive.

Look for each of these guys to get dismissed from this point on. Normally the RNC sends out attack dogs to get rid of candidates who challenge the status quo. I am not sure there is an attack dog brave enough to go after Donald Trump. Trump is highly adept at verbal conflict. Trump also has the “trump” card of of threatening to go third party. If he does that, no Republican has a prayer.

Fascism kills and the sooner it fails the better is the chance that the country will survive. To kill off fascism early it is necessary to break up the unholy trinity of corporate elitists, government and media. Left to their own devices these kinds will mercilessly pursue their own interests until there is a revolution. Don’t forget that in the absence of constant deterrents, government and crime merge over time. Today crime controls government.

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