Stock Market and Governments

How is it that the stock market goes up forever?  The fastest and most efficient way to create an endless flow of income and wealth is to buy the government and then give a directive to to operate an asset value enhancement initiative.  Declare that the program is in the public interest, create massive amounts of money out of thin air and then have the central bank push stock prices up.

But wait. Why only buy the U.S. government? Why not buy all of the others also? It takes massive amounts of money to buy the U.S. government. The smaller countries can be bought for a song and a dance relative to what is costs to buy the United States. Tell the world’s population that it is for their own good and that experts are in charge. There it is done.

Since we know why stock prices are rising while the world’s economies are collapsing, it becomes a piece of cake to understand why markets go up instead of down during times of global stress. Central banks simply buy enough stock to offset the negative sentiment.

The moral here is not to expect a decline ever on bad news. The public in all countries are unaware of economic danger more so than at any other time in history. The losses to the public are enormous but they are stealth in nature. As long as the public doesn’t mind, central banks will continue to move asset prices higher. If they have to, they will buy up all of the worldwide supply of equities.

Will this actually happen? It will happen, provided the public does not figure out how they are being fleeced. Complete destruction of all of the world’s economies will occur. This is no problem for the deep state. The deep state is interested only in personal gain. At whose expense is not even relevant. The world economy collapses, and they will not worry. They will have made so much money it will make little difference to them. They might be sad that this game is over. They will just start another one.

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