Stock Market Coming Week

stock_market_manipulationWhat do we know for sure? Organized crime owns the news media, the Federal Reserve, congress, the president and without your knowing, you.

What does the Mob want? They want to get paid on the same basis they always gets paid. The media is full of bad stock market stories and police killings. The police killings are their typical good luck. The bad stock market stories are purposeful so as to draw in shorts to be squeezed. When there are all kinds of logical reasons for the market to collapse, that is the worst time to play the downside. The only time to be short is when the economy gives way from abuse.

Moving the market higher is a matter of life and death for the mob. So far that has been easy to do. The American public has still not figured out how they are getting screwed. The mob can take anything from them they want and the public might even love it.

Expect very heavy central bank buying on Monday. Look for any Some of wonderful news to be reported enthusiastically. It can even be bad news like last jobs report that was presented in a way that made it look good. Look for VIX  and TZA to get hammered in an effort to create artificial demand. The Federal Reserve is every bit as honest as Hillary Clinton. The people love Hillary and they love the Federal Reserve.

The stock market will only drop significantly when a genuine economic failure occurs. Brixit was not a failure. This game has turned all or nothing. An economic failure could come next but odds are against it. The bearish positions I have are small and I am not using leverage. I won’t get hurt I hope you don’t either.

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