Stock Market-Playing Field Becoming More Level

Back in 2006 I was labeled a tin horned conspiracy theorist for noticing that a bizarre asset enhancement initiative was steering the market. Even more radical was the idea that all of this was encouraged or even sponsored through government.  A lot of this initiative was accomplished just by knowing the mentality of short sellers and knowing how to get them to cover.  Today, it appears the mentality of short sellers is changing and positions are on balance being held longer.  So, to move the market higher privateers must now hold positions. That won’t happen because they all know the poor fundamentals’ underlying the market.
Some believe that creating a wealth effect by artificially elevating asset prices is good central planning. But, central planning always comes unraveled and everyone suffers.  I honestly do believe we are about to see some serious unraveling. The playing field is becoming more level again. On a level playing field, the “smart” people do no better than the rest of us.

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