The Announcement

A growing number are realizing that the economy of the United States is highly unstable.
Unstable is not a strong enough word. The United States economy is doomed. There is no way out of a collapse. What can be done? With respect to avoiding a collapse, absolutely nothing can be done. Who bears the burden of the collapse is a different issue.
Who will bear the burden? That will be you and others just like you. What about you who live in Europe, Asia, the Mid East and Russia? You will be impoverished as a result. Economies in each country are failing for the same reason as the economy of the United States. In every country the world today, government is used as a tool to rig markets and enrich those with political power. The harm to you is not malicious. It is incidental but it is harm none the less.

The process of using government to guarantee an elevated lifestyle for the privileged over time, destroys the free market system and destroys the lives and opportunities of others who have no advantage. What happens, when a cow is milked for more than it is worth? It doesn’t produce anymore, at least for a while. The process and result of destroying an economy with political power is similar.

The public will be expected to absorb the losses of the elite. You can count on it. Here is how it will play out. The stock market will accelerate to the downside. As the slide begins, every effort will be made to force it back up. When key stocks are hit, others will get organized support to minimize the effect on the averages. Central banks are heavy into what we can call anointed stocks. Central banks buying stocks really is top down socialism and nothing more. Central banks are likely to buy more of their mistakes in order to avoid looking foolish. Long term, they will destroy everything they touch. Fraudulent accounting will continue generating the best possible earnings that can be announced. Short selling will continue to be encouraged and short squeezes will continue to be orchestrated. We have seen this for decades. However, for now, this is all a mature political agenda. The goose that lays golden ages has indeed been killed and their will be a horrible reckoning.

When it is clear that the stock market cannot be saved, the announcement will come. A few trial balloons will be launched first to see how the public responds. If the response is negative the dialog will continue until the public response improves.
The announcement will be that the Federal Reserve will abandon its clandestine purchasing and announce plans to buy stocks outright to “save the world.”

Chances are good that the first step will be to nationalize Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and others The public will likely support this. It will be done regardless. One longstanding principle in government is that forgiveness is much easier than permission. That is the way it worked in 2008 as TARP was being passed over the loud objections of voters. Guess what? They passed it and they were forgiven. They will go back to the well another time.

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