The Dangerous Donald Trump

Government’s asset enhancement initiative started during the Reagan administration. Governmental tampering with the financial market for the benefit of wealthy politically powerful elites has been ongoing since. In the spring of 2006, the practice of goosing financial asset values began its parabolic trajectory.

After the crisis of 2008 any modesty with respect to the effort to elevate the stock market disappeared.  By the time Trump took office, the practice of manipulating the stock market had become so sophisticated that no one in the world understands all of the techniques being employed.

Investors do not drive the market higher. Investors are are a resource who are there to be sold to when any uptrend can no longer be maintained.

The stock market rallied even higher after Trump was elected, not because of his economic initiates but because it became clear that he was not going to disrupt the cash cow that has been enriching the worlds wealthiest citizens for many decades.

Truth has no utility in politics and certainly Trump is smart enough to avoid using it. The notion that Trump is in any way responsible for the level of the stock market is complete bunk.

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