The Daunting Nature Of Reality

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April 20, 2022 by Fantasy Free Economics The harsh nature of the physical world is accepted without debate. We cannot go out side in the winter or summer without making adaptations.People work
outside in the harshest cold weather. This cannot be done without wearing winter clothes. Even so, those outside during extreme cold weather, look forward to the warmth of a fireplace and can not wait to get there. It is cold outside but we alter our environment so that we are comfortable.

Life on earth cannot survive in outer space or on any planet we know of.Human beings also have an inner world where cold, heat and other environmental issues are not relevant. Our inner worlds are daunting also. I frequently mention that every child born immediately enters into an eternal power struggle, while not aware of this being the case. Life is regulated by harsh laws of dominance and subservience.

Every country, regardless of how peaceful it proclaims to be, gained its land by taking it by force from another population. Belligerence is still the dominant method for determining outcomes of agendas, especially those that involve entire nations. Within the world there are oasis’s of peace and tranquility that we live in. On a larger scale, issues of life are settled by way of belligerence. Even those who live in peace are highly influenced in negative ways by the belligerent activities going on around the planet.

This is reality. We all have to find ways to cope with these things within our inner worlds. Yes, the world is filled with belligerence but we are much happier not thinking about it. We handle the harshness of the physical world by making adaptations and making our environment more palatable. There seems to be no downside to finding ways to flourish in the physical world despite its harsh nature. To cope with cold weather, we find comfort sitting by the fireplace while harsh weather outside is ongoing.To cope with the stress of our inner worlds, we seek out and find the warmth of fantasy. This comes down to avoiding reality.
Unlike dealing with elements in the physical world, there are many downsides to engaging in fantasy to escape thinking about the daunting aspects of our survival. Belligerence is not limited to physical violence. Belligerence is also the means by which laws that extract the essence out of the overall population and transfer it to those with the necessary power to get such laws passed come into being. At some point in every generation belligerence raises its ugly head.

Those who have lived their whole lives within the comfort of fantasy are suddenly exposed to the harsh realities of what it really takes to flourish and stay alive in the world.
In the last hundred or so years, Americans have suddenly found themselves faced with world wars and economic depressions. When life is good and all in the country are indulging in fantasies that government is taking care of things, experts are looking after us, and that our leaders are good people just like regular folk, all are subjected to a sudden awakening, just as they have been in other similar periods in history. We are on the eve of one of those occasions

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