The Disarming of Americans

<img class=”alignleft wp-image-3269″ src=”” alt=”Confiscated-Guns” width=”435″ height=”280″ />Americans are terrified of losing their right to bear arms. The founding fathers did not go into great detail in describing gun rights. At the time of the American Revolution, guns were such a big part of life, the right to own a gun was not much different than the right to own a pair of shoes. There was danger everywhere and shooting animals for meat was more common than buying meat in a market. Plus, the founding fathers did not trust government.

Americans still have guns. Even the the simplest guns are more effective than the finest available during the American Revolution. Americans will keep their guns. Chances are that even assault rifles will remain legal.

Unfortunately guns are not the most effective tools for surviving in the modern world. The brain is actually the only indispensable tool mankind has in the struggle for survival. While keeping their guns, Americans have been completely disarmed mentally.

Millions of Americans will stand their ground when faced with a concrete physical threat and in the next breath surrender to political correctness. Today’s threats to freedom are intellectual. Americans are at a serious disadvantage because they are actually worse than uneducated.  The typical American education is based on misinformation, myths and fantasies.  In all schools building self esteem is a higher priority than gaining academic knowledge.  A graduate with super high self esteem and a super low level of intellect is a huge danger to the future of the country. That is virtually all we have today.

While a great number of Americans worry endlessly about having to give up guns, they have already lost their greatest weapon, their brain.

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