The Economics of Uncle Remus

At about 2:14 of the video, Uncle Remus casually adds “Takin’ and leavin’ is the way of the world.”

Understand this one verse out of this Uncle Remus store and you will already understand economics better than the countless professors who get paid for the pretense of knowledge.

Is taking and leaving not the way of congress? Is taking and leaving not the way of corporate lobbyists? This is said as Brer Rabbit is in the process of stealing lettuce out of an old man’s garden.  Tragically, these stories are deemed racist and aren’t usually read to children any more. In stories like this children learn the way the world really works instead of being groomed for nothing other than functioning within our system of herd dynamics.

Rather than being insulted by these stories, blacks should be proud of the wisdom they impart. The book may have been written by a white man, but I don’t doubt that he actually heard all of these stories from old black people in the south. Story telling is a lost art. The Uncle Remus stories are more ripe with real world wisdom than all of the silly politically correct children’s books on the market today.


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