The Economy Government and the Mob

moneyrefHow do I know organized crime has taken over government? The past present and future have different characteristics when used for analysis.  The only way to correctly assess the present is to understand incentives. Assume that incentives that are in place are being followed.

All we have to do to know the United States is run by criminals is recognize the natural incentive crime has to take over institutions and extract money out of the folks who are members of the institution.  Ask anyone these questions.

1.) Would the mob take over the government if it had a way to do it?

2.)  If number 1 is yes, is there any counter incentive to keep them from doing so?

The answer to 1 is yes and the answer to two is no. The democratic process is open to everyone including criminals.  Any mobster can run for office or contribute to another candidate who work on the mobs behalf in return for financial support. After being elected or buying candidates, drawing in others to participate gets easier.

What evidence do we have that the mob is present. No one in government will ever announce being affiliated with the mob. We detect the presence of the mob by making observations and researching how the mob does business. Extracting money out of aggregations of people without offering any utility is a classic mob business. During the 50s, 60s, and 70s the mob did very well infiltrating unions and skimming off money from them.  Most bills that are past are of that nature and 100% are devoted to rigging markets and getting other taxpayer business. The affordable care act is a money skimming bill as is the ethanol mandate.  Countless other bills are of the same nature. Any time a bill needs to be passed so quickly that the public doesn’t have time to figure out what it is, is an organized crime initiative. Any bailout is a bailout of the mob.

Not everyone hates the mob. Many owe their income and lifestyle to what the mob does. In the United Sates, most who consider themselves rich would be worse off in the short run if the mob ceased its activities. It is very hard to convince others that what is good for them is bad for others and needs to be stopped. The mob gets to use the U.S. military to open up and protect markets. That is a lot more effective than the old style hit squads.

It does matter who gets elected president but it matters a lot less than citizens not understanding what is causing the problems in the country. As it is, any person or group who has enough political power, can take over government and use it as a tool to exploit everyone else. This is a core issue. As long as the government can be used this way, life in the United States is going to continue to get worse.



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